Dendritics Gemscale Weighing Pan Technology

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News Flash!  We have a really fun slide show where you can sit back and watch dozens of funky G50 prototype weighing pans!  Try it here!

Perhaps it never occured to you that there was any technology involved in a part so simple as a weighing pan.  I have chosen it as a microcosm of product design issues which we faced in the Gemscale design.  These links explore the pouring dynamics process as we understood it, the overall requirements, material selection history, and two stages (#1, #2) in the evaluation process for designs encountered in the D500 (large) new pan design. 

Here are some of the pan designs we toyed with for the Dendritics 500:


Pouring Dynamics D500 Pan Eval #1 D500 Pan Eval #2 Material Selection D500 Pan Reqs G50 Pan Attempts

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