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My family and friends play a game on the first day of the month (only a 24 hr period) which goes like this:

If person A says "White Rabbit!" to person B, then person A takes person B's luck for that month. It can be communicated in various ways (i.e., in person, via phone or phone message*, fax*, by picture or artifact.

*counts only if received on the 1st of the month). I have heard that there is an English tradition of saying "Rabbit, Rabbit" as the first words out of one's mouth on the 1st of the month. Back in the early 80's the Student Paper @ University of Missouri, Columbia, MO (Mizzou) published an article on the "White Rabbit" game that I support and play. Do you have any specific data on rules or traditions that you can fax me? I love to hear from you. - Take Care.

- Rick on 3/23/2001

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